What Does A User Experience Designer Actually Do?

The title of this post is result of hunt for a basic, genuine and relevant question to begin my journey on medium. During the Interaction with designers and UX professionals from different countries and companies I have concluded that u can’t be successful designer if you lack AdaptabilityLearnability and Agility. Time changes, web is changing even faster and nothing remains concrete. For us to be successful we need to adopt, refine and deliver which works for end consumers.

Now what a User Experience Designers actually do? As per my experience our deliverables are primarily an optimum mix of creativity, science and behaviour pattern that works every time all the time. Some of the learnings:

  • Nothing is wrong or right in UX, things change and you need to refine as per user and requirement.
  • Keep learning and adapting.
  • learning from fresher/early designers is the best way to keep yourself motivated and innovative.
  • Do raise concerns/questions and have healthy debate between stakeholders(which in turn is for the benefit of company) .
  • Put yourself into users shoe and think unlike a designer to understand user problem.

A good designer can organise chaos. A great designer can eliminate chaos.

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