Building Design Team (UX) – hiring right brainers.

“When you are hiring people that are smarter than you are, you prove you are smarter than they are.”

In today’s competitive work environment, you need sharp minds around and need to be extra smart while hiring user experience professionals. So what to look for while hiring right brainers (User Experience Designers) one who is going to play a significant role in shaping design approach and help achieve business goals.

After interviewing more than 5K designers one thing is clear that every designer is unique in himself. So what works for me is to look for someone who is willing to change, adapt to the environment and follow what’s right. The reason for saying this is because it’s hard to find these brilliant minds with the right approach, moreover filtering from masses is even more challenging. It’s easy to mold growing and adaptive minds, and this has worked as of now. Experience has its advantages, let’s discuss those some other time…:-)

Team Ingredients and Proportion:
We can’t create a delicious food without right ingredients and proper balance, same goes true for a team, and it’s structure. For me, 30-40-30 rule has always worked.


Hire Fresh minds one who is great at theories, charged up to learn great design furthermore adapt to new user experience patterns. These include 30% of your team size and believe me; they are good at speed too. The only drawback with them is they can’t estimate or the time is taken to finish a task or even if they say it will be pure gut feel, and you need to add buffer to it..:-)

The other bunch of great minds is the one’s who are reliable and can be trusted on both delivery and quality. They take calculated risk and overcome any hurdles that may come and will deliver the task with flying colors. And these are 40% of the team size, can be influential in deciding where the team’s design approach and behavior are heading too. Their reflection in some way or other can be seen all across the organization and hence it’s frugal to have a birds eye view of these folks.

I have always been inclined toward experience (…and I was proved wrong by few of new generation designers) and this is where all planning, shaping and defining the vision takes place. These are the set of guys who churn their expertise out and help management in defining and refining the way forward.

Mayur Chaudhary - UX - Experience

At the end irrespective of your knowledge or educational background one need to keep himself updated and informed. It’s mandatory for everyone to keep themselves updated on future design patterns and should invest 15% of their daily quality time going online, reading design & technology blogs which in turn reflect in their work and design. None the less time management becomes paramount in the age of Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

The above write-up is purely based on my personal experience to help fellow designers improve on hiring and delivering productivity. Delighted to answer any of your queries..:-)

“… and above all you should be a Role Model just because you Can, and you Care…  this helps in long run.”

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