Can we design Experience?

The deeper you dive into theories and practicalities to quench your thrust about knowledge of WHAT and WHY of anything the more complicated it becomes..:-)

It’s more to do with learning about people, WHY they do it WHAT they do it.

You can’t design experience.

Mayur Chaudhary - User Experience

While going through “Sander’s Experience Model(From User-Centered to Participatory Design Approaches paper) which states that we can never really “design experience.” Experiencing is a constructive activity. That is, a user’s experience (with communication, for example) is constructed of two equal parts: what the communicator provides, and what the communicatee brings to the interaction. Where the two parts overlap is where the actual communication occurs. Knowing about users’ experiences, then, becomes vital to the process of designing the communication. If we have access to both what is being communicated and what experiences are influencing the receipt of communication, then we can design for experiencing.

In fact, if we can learn to access people’s experiences (past, current and potential), then we can make user experience the source of inspiration and ideation for design. And by making the user experience the source of inspiration, we are better able to design for experiencing.

How do we access experience?
There are ways to learn users memories, their current experience, and future expectations:- Capture what people say
– What they think
– Watch what people do
– Observe what people use
– Learn what people know
– What people feel
– And what people dream

We can resonate a company, and it’s customer if we have answers to all above responses.

At first, all looked quite confusing but then it all made sense.

Defining experience is the moment in time that felt individuality. It’s the intersection of memories of the past, current experience, and future dreams.

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