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Aesthetic – Usability Effects

While creating “Rethinking User Experience” brand “Aesthetic – Usability Effects” was at top of the mind. Which says:

A visually appealing design is perceived to be easier to use. A phenomenon where a good looking design is perceived as more usable than one that is less appealing, whether or not that is actually the case.

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Masaaki Kurosu and Kaori Kashimura, researchers at Hitachi in Tokyo, demonstrated the aesthetic-usability effect in their study. Their study measured the difference between the ‘inherent’ usability of a product and its ‘apparent’ usability by asking test participants to rate the beauty and usability of interfaces. It was shown that ‘the user may be strongly affected by the aesthetic aspect of the interface even when they try to evaluate the interface in its functional aspects’.

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Curious Case of Design Portfolio. Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest and more.

And this one I will keep it short but this was required as this is worth sharing…:-)

I have great respect for platforms which keep creative juice alive to deliver great designs. I have been visiting dribbble and Behance lately and there are concerns which are worth discussing:

1. Who should be there?
2. What’s the novelty value?
3. Will they deliver in practicality?

  1. Who should be there?
    These platforms are a great way of presenting your design portfolio (both visual and UI), market them well and reach masses. Most of the portfolio I saw had to do with the sleek and balanced designs which please the eye and were delivering visual satisfaction.
    The problem : After a while, most of them started looking alike and in most cases the presentation and workstation scenes overpowered the actual mockups.
  2. What’s the novelty value?
    Your mockups start reflecting the same design if you start following these platforms religiously. It’s always good to start from something and that’s inspiration but innovating new and fresh from something is an art.
  3. Will they deliver in practicality?
    A design without users in mind and missing conversational language is aesthetically great but it seldom performs. Most of the designs seen are for demonstration purpose and were miles away from users, metrics, and conversion.

I am still a big fan of Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Instagram, Deviantart, Coroflot and many others but showcasing your work is always in your hand. I know many who showcase their design via case studies explain designs keeping users besides not aside. Remember it’s WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW (4W+H rule) that makes your design perfect and makes it shine.

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What Does A User Experience Designer Actually Do?

The title of this post is result of hunt for a basic, genuine and relevant question to begin my journey on medium. During the Interaction with designers and UX professionals from different countries and companies I have concluded that u can’t be successful designer if you lack AdaptabilityLearnability and Agility. Time changes, web is changing even faster and nothing remains concrete. For us to be successful we need to adopt, refine and deliver which works for end consumers.

Now what a User Experience Designers actually do? As per my experience our deliverables are primarily an optimum mix of creativity, science and behaviour pattern that works every time all the time. Some of the learnings:

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Design backed by Technology for Great End User Experience.

One day my eight year old daughter asked me to plan a weekend trip to space and I told her we can’t go now but I am sure you will definitely visit space in your lifetime. The pace at which technology is changing is phenomenal, challenging and we all should be lucky to be part of this era.

Me and my team strive to aim for performance as an ingredient in design process. When we talk about delivering great user experience it’s not only to do with UXD team but across the functional teams in an organisation. What’s the point of designing something great if it’s not backed by latest and greatest technology. User experience needs to be in an organisation DNAand it always flow from top to bottom. Stakeholder should understand the value of great design which creates a positive first impression, supports better conversion which results in more revenue.

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Treatise on Designing a Great Experience.

Creating a great user experience is liaison between technology, business,design and a good UX professional should be well versed with all three which results in a usable and workable solution. Knowing the business and providing the solution also clears the internal frictions within teams and helps achieve common goals. I do strongly believe that the days are numbered for those UX professionals well-versed in theory, but lack the supporting skills to execute the desired end result or some greater portion of it through their own means. One needs to be smart enough to adopt to Lean UX and produce a viable product in minimal time.

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UX Design Principles

Collated List of Useful UX and Design Principles.

An interface should be humane; it should be responsive to human needs and considerate of human frailties and below rules help achieve them. Wanted to do this for quite some time for my personal reference and for the benefit of my fellow designers. Collated below are useful UX and Design principles which when clubbed with User Requirement, Business Goal andCreativity can deliver splendid results. Do add to this list via comment section.

Hick’s Law
Hick’s law says that with every additional choice increases the time required to take a decision.

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