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5 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure In Building An Effective Experience Design (UX) Team.

Mayur Chaudhary - Building UX Team

(The post is based on own experiences and learn from others who manage and build UX teams. Comments are more than welcome.)

Building an effective UX team primarily depends on your vision and personalities that you would like to inculcate within your team to deliver business goals. Many factors effect this, and some of them are the size of an organization, existing structure of the design team and UX maturity within an organization. Non the less a UX team needs diversity and helps deliver any problems that come their way.

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Home Buying Journey

3 Steps of Home Buying Journey.

As someone rightly quoted “The best time to buy a house is five years ago” and that happens most of the time. It’s not easy and most of the time we end up going around deciding “Let’s buy a home” to actually “Purchase a house.”

Before we even begin think through this –

Are you?

1. Ready to purchase a house?
2. An optimal candidate? (Cibil/Credit/Debts)

Have You?

3. Thought through budget?
4. Research on Locality & Projects.


For most of us buying a house isn’t a spot decision, it takes time and effort to conclude upon what to buy, Where to buy & How to buy. This isn’t an easy task but can be fun if done methodically and with the right approach.

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